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Something For The Weekend
I tend to start Saturdays naked, horny and erect. Oh no wait. That’s every day. Well, I recorded this on a Saturday anyway, for you to enjoy any day of the week. It’s one day late. Please forgive me ;) Download all of my audios here.

This one is for the ladies….this guy is..unf!!!


Daddy called me up informing me he wanted take out. I was excited because we had discussed earlier of trying a new place. I got dressed in a simple dress and no panties.
I as I got into the car, Daddy tore off my dress and pinched my nipple. Then his hand moved down to my crotch, making sure I was wet. Pumpkin is always wet for Daddy. I opened my legs and he said “this is mine and I plan to feed until you are raw.” I moaned quietly, not to disturb the driver. Daddy took what is his over and over and I kept quiet. His tongue, his fingers, a portable wand pryed and opened my flower over and over.I am still wet thinking about our dinner….

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